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Hi, I’m Ali!

I’m the hand and heart behind Joyful Journey Calligraphy and I am so happy you stopped by! My two passions are teaching and calligraphy and I'm blessed to be pursuing both. 

Located out of Shreve, Ohio, I am a recent college graduate and currently substitute teaching throughout the week, pursuing hand-lettering in the evenings,  and teaching adult calligraphy classes on the weekends. 

I was always the artsy-fartsy girl throughout school, but never really found that 1 thing I loved and stuck with it.

My hand-lettering journey started in April of 2016 when I discovered a video of a woman writing with a Crayola marker. It was such beautiful writing and I was completely taken back that it was with a Crayola! So I dug up a Crayola in an old art box and started lettering immediately after that video. It didn’t take long before I quickly developed a passion for everything that had to do with brush lettering. I hadn't even known the world of modern calligraphy or hand-lettering until it consumed every minute of free time I had!

And then I realized I found that 1 thing.

Aside from all things calligraphy, I thoroughly am enjoying the stress of planning a September wedding! My fiance, Logan, is a big part of the behind the scenes work that goes on around here. He is responsible for framing all my wooden signs and has refused to give up that responsibility to me on multiple occasions. Oh, how I love him! Him and I have been together now for about 5 years and we both share a love for Jesus, staying in, and late night popcorn accompanied by Ozark or Breaking Bad. 

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