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These are my top 5 tricks to turning your average or even seasoned hand lettering into a more polished and refined look. Since there in no "one way" to do lettering or calligraphy, these are just my personal preferences when I do my own hand lettering. By no means are these the "right way" but they have been a staple in my own lettering journey for years!

1.  Pinching Your Letters

Pinching rounded letters such as letters: a, d, g, p, q, and y will greatly increase the visual appeal of your hand lettering. We are going to pinch the oval part of the letters in the lower left portion with the p as the only exception. P's will be pinched in the upper right portion. 

Let me show you what I mean

This group of letters are all pulled or pinched to the bottom left, with the exception of the "p" which is pulled to the top right 

This is the same group of letters that are NOT pulled or pinched to any corners. Can you tell a difference?

Although these two groups of letters are very similar, this small change will create a big difference in your hand lettering

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